Italian Riches

Sale and distribution of bakery products, taralli and ready meals Made in Italy.

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About Us

An Italian Story

Founded in 2008 in Santa Maria a Vico in the province of Caserta, Italian Riches is a leading company in the distribution of Made in Italy foodstuffs, consolidating its position with the opening of an ecommerce that serves a very widespread clientele from all over the world.

The department dedicated to the sale of high quality bakery products and excellent attention to customer service have increased the company’s recognition, placing the Italian Riches company at the top of the preferences of European consumers.

The range of products oered is very wide and ranges from baked goods up to high-end products
of the characteristic artisans of Campania to which the company pays particular attention by choosing
them based on seasonality, craftsmanship in the production process and in based on the organoleptic
profile and the peculiar territorial characteristics of the product.

The passion for baked products has led Italian Riches to discover and research the secrets that are
hidden in the interaction of natural ingredients, giving rise to new and non-artificial flavors. After 40
years of artisanal production, Italian Riches has decided to bring the same product, with the same
characteristics, to the big market. In 2008 he gave life to the brand, no longer for a few, but for anyone who values authenticity.